One of the most critical components of SEO (search engine optimization) for your plumbing business is keyword research. You need to understand what your customers are  searching for so that you can optimize your website for the keywords that will drive the most qualified traffic to your website.

Our team has researched and developed a list of the most commonly searched plumbing keywords and listed them below for your review:

Keyword Monthly Searches
plumbing 6,120,000
plumber 4,090,000
water heaters 1,830,000
bathroom remodeling 301,000
tankless water heaters 301,000
leak detection 201,000
drain cleaning 165,000
shower repair 90,500
boiler repair 90,500
plumbing contractor 49,500
emergency plumber 49,500
water heater repair 49,500
shower installation 49,500
water heater installation 40,500
sewer repair 22,200
commercial plumbing 18,100
commercial plumber 14,800
repipe 12,100
backflow testing 12,100
repiping 9,900
residential plumbing 8,100
tankless water heater installation 6,600
sump pump repair 5,400
residential plumber 5,400
garbage disposal installation 5,400
water softener installation 5,400
gas line installation 4,400
water softener repair 4,400
clogged toilet repair 3,600
sewer line replacement 3,600
hydro jetting 3,600
trenchless sewer repair 2,900
gas line repair 2,400
trenchless sewer replacement 2,400
slab leak repair 1,600
tankless water heater repair 1,600
burst pipe repair 1,000
septic tank plumbing 720
water filtration system installation 390

Based on this data, in order to get the most from the internet from a SEO perspective, you will want to create content on your website for the following keyword combinations:

Your City + plumbing
Your City + plumber
Your City + water heaters
Your City + bathroom remodeling
Your City + tankless water heaters
Your City + leak detection
Your City + drain cleaning
Your City + shower repair
Your City + boiler repair
Your City + plumbing contractor
Your City + emergency plumber
Your City + water heater repair
Your City + shower installation
Your City + water heater installation
Your City + sewer repair
Your City + commercial plumbing
Your City + commercial plumber
Your City + repipe
Your City + backflow testing
Your City + repiping
Your City + residential plumbing
Your City + tankless water heater installation
Your City + sump pump repair
Your City + residential plumber
Your City + garbage disposal installation
Your City + water softener installation
Your City + gas line installation
Your City + water softener repair
Your City + clogged toilet repair
Your City + sewer line replacement
Your City + hydro jetting
Your City + trenchless sewer repair
Your City + gas line repair
Your City + trenchless sewer replacement
Your City + slab leak repair
Your City + tankless water heater repair
Your City + burst pipe repair
Your City + septic tank plumbing
Your City + water filtration system installation

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If you would like to get a better feel for how you can incorporate these keywords into your website and overall internet marketing strategy, I would encourage you to download our FREE Internet Marketing and SEO Guide For Plumbing Contractors by clicking here. If you would like to talk with us about how we can help you dominate the search engines for these keywords in your market (take a look at a few examples/case studies here), give us a call at 866-610-4647. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you!