How To Get Your Plumbing Company Listed on Google Page One

Plumbing SEO Strategy

Getting your plumbing company listed in the organic (non-paid-listings) section of major search engines comes down to two core factors:

  1. Having the proper on-page optimization so that Google knows what you do and the area you serve. This is so that it can put your business in the index for the correct keywords. You accomplish this by having pages for each of your services and then optimizing them for specific keyword combinations (ex. Your City + Plumber, Your City + Water Heater Repair, Your City + Drain Cleaning, etc.).
  2. Creating enough authority and transparency so that Google ranks you on page one for those specific keywords. Ultimately, it comes down to having credible inbound links from other websites online to your own website. He who has the most credible inbound links wins.

Now I want to give you some specific HOW TO information on exactly what pages to add to your plumbing website (and why), and what you can do to improve your authority/transparency so that your website ranks on page one for the keywords that are most important to your plumbing business.


If you take action on these strategies you will be well on your way to DOMINATING the search engines for your plumbing keywords in your area.

To see how these strategies play out in the REAL WORLD, take a look at a few of our client case studies by clicking here.


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