Case Studies

It goes without saying that selecting an Internet marketing firm with a long and proven track record is essential to the success of your business. Unfortunately, these days a lot of people are calling themselves “SEO specialists” but in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Search engine optimization is a complicated process and it takes a lot more than a few simple tricks to get your company the results that it deserves.

So how can you separate a reliable SEO company from a guy in pajamas who hasn’t got a clue?

We believe that it all comes down to proof. An outstanding SEO company should always be able to show you substantiated examples and case studies of other Plumbing & HVAC clients who have had great success using their services. Below are genuine results of different clients across the United States who work in extremely competitive markets. We have been able to get them top page placement on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a number of their most important keywords in their area. Take a look for yourself: