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Plumber Marketing

Plumber Marketing

I talk with plumbers & plumbing contractors across the United States & they all want to know how they can be more effective with their Plumber Marketing.

It seems that their traditional forms of advertising and marketing (Yellow Pages / Print Ads) are not pulling like they used to & they need more Leads in the form of Inbound Phone Calls to remain profitable. The fact is, there has been a major transition in the past 10 years from offline (Yellow Pages) to online (Google Search,, Merchant Circle) and consumers are now looking online when they need local plumbing services.

So how can you as a plumbing contractor tap into these Plumbing Leads that would come from consumers who are searching online? Simple, you need to be sure that you are as visible online as possible. I have developed a complete Internet Marketing & SEO Guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of MAXIMIZING your online visibility - you can download it by filling out the form below:

 Plumbing Marketing Strategies

If you are looking for strategies that have been proven to help other plumbing contractors connect with more business then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of the most effective Plumber & Plumbing Marketing Techniques that have worked in other competitive markets.

  • Search Engine Optimization (Getting listed on Page One of Google) for your plumbing related keywords in your area. Many of the contractors we have spoken with across the country have indicated this to be their number one source of new calls. Some of our clients get over 100 calls each month directly via SEO placement.
  • Google Places / Maps Optimization - A sub section of Search Engine Optimization is getting your company listed on the Google Maps section of the search engines.
  • Yellow Pages Advertizing - While the YellowPages is on a decline there is still a segment of the population the references the YellowPages. As of 2012 a number of the plumbing contractors have across the nation have pulled out of the Local Yellow Pages meaning there is less competition and a lower cost due to Supply & Demand. Having a nice sized ad in the YellowPages will still pull some inbound calls. As the YellowPages become less & less relevant this strategy may stop being effective all together.
  • Pay Per Click / PPC / Google AdWords Advertizing - Another form of Internet Marketing is commonly refered to PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing where you can pay to show up on Google, Yahoo & Bing for the plumbing keywords in your area. While PPC is quite competitive if done properly in can drive a solid volume of inbound calls. We have clients that average between 75 - 100 inbound calls per month via Pay Per Click Marketing via Google AdWords, Bing Search and other PPC marketing.
  • Angies List - Angie's list is an exclusive online director of qualified contractors. You can pay to be featured on Angie's list. If you have a pro-active strategy for getting reviews on Angie's List this can be a very effective avenue for driving profitable calls. Many of our most successful clients tell us that Angie's List is a core part of their marketing strategy.
  • Networking - It might seem a little out of fashion but Good Old Face To Face Networking will help you market your plumbing business. A good place to start networking for new business is at BNI (Business Networking International) and / or your local chamber of commerce.
  • Social Media - Using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube & LinkedIn to market your plumbing business to your existing customers and past customers is a HIGHLY effective way to grow your sales. Most of our plumbing clients tell us that their number one source of new business is Repeat & Referral Business. Think of social media as a tool to amplify your referral and word of mouth business.

If you implement these proven Plumbing Marketing techniques and strategies you will be well on your way to MORE SALES, MORE PROFIT & MORE REPEAT & REFERRAL BUSINESS.