Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming Your Google Map Listing

Below you will find a step-by-step guide for checking, claiming and managing your Local Business Listings on Google.

1. Go to

Google Places

2. Click on Create an Account or Log-in using your Google username and password.

Create A Google Places Account

3. Enter all of the necessary contact information.

List Your Business In Google Paces

4. Click on “List your business”.

Check Your Google Places Lising

5. Enter your phone number so that Google can determine whether or not you already exist in their database.

Edit or Add your Google Places Listing

6. If your company comes up, click “Edit”. If it does not come up, click “Add New Listing”.

Info To Enter In Your Google Places Account

7. Fill in all of the necessary information.

  • Update your company name to read, “Company Name – Core City + Main Service) – Ex. Advance Plumbing - Dallas Plumbing Contractor - Drain Cleaning.
  • Add your website address – This will create an important inbound link.
  • Upload photos– as many as possible – use personal photos: pictures of yourself (the owner), your staff, the office, the trucks, the equipment, the company logo, coupons, and your work. People connect and resonate with other people. Leverage that in your Map Listing.
  • Upload a video if you have one. If you don’t have one, get one made!
  • List your hours of operation and services offered.

8. Press Submit

9. You will be asked how you want to confirm your listing – via phone or postcard.

Confirm Your Google Places Listing
  • Always choose phone. It is much faster and will ensure that you complete the process.
  • The postcard option takes 2-3 weeks to complete.

10. You will receive a call from Google’s automated system immediately. The automated system will provide you with a 5-digit code.

  • Make sure you or a staff member is available to answer the office line listed in your map listing.

11. Enter that code on the next screen and press “Go” in order to activate your listing.

Enter Your PIN

You will see a confirmation page indicating that you have successfully activated your listing.

Google Places Confirmation Page

That’s it! You have completed the 11 steps to claiming and setting up your Google Map listing on Google Places.

Here is what your Google Places account admin area will look like once you are finished:

Google Places ADMIN Page

Here you will be able to edit your listing, add coupons, and check on your Google Places page stats.

  • How many people are pulling up your Google Places page?
  • What are they searching to get to you?
  • How many of them are clicking to your site?

Here is what your Google Map listing will look like once you are finished:

Your Google Map Listing
    • Look for the “Business Owner Verified” check box in the top-right corner.
    • Get reviews – Getting reviews has been proven to increase placement in the map listing.


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