Online ReviewsPlacement on the Google Map is driven by optimization, N.A.P. profile and REVIEWS. On this post, I want to share our proven Review Acquisition System for getting online reviews from your customers on a consistent basis. From our experience working with Plumbing and HVAC contractors in very competitive markets, we have found that it really does make a difference, especially when you have a large quantity of legitimate reviews, not just on Google Places but on other sources as well (ex. Yellow Pages and Angie’s List).

So, how can you get your customers to write reviews?

First of all, the best thing to do is have a strategy in your business where you are consistently asking for reviews.

  • Print out review request cards and make sure that each of your technicians have a stack with them to pass out after each service. It can just be a simple card that reads, “We appreciate your business! If you enjoyed your experience with us, go here". You can either direct them right to the Google Places page, or, if you want to get a little more strategic, direct them back to and have a place on your website that will link out to all of your online directory sites (such as Yelp, Kudzu, Insider Pages, CitySearch and Google Places). That way they have the option of writing multiple reviews. Make it easy for them to write a review on their favorite directory sites, and consistently ask for those types of reviews.
  • The other thing you want to do is to start sending emails to your customers after every service. Start collecting email addresses and then after you are finished with the service send your customer some type of email that thanks them for their business and says, “If you had a good experience, we’d love to get your feedback. Write us a review!” Again, linking directly to the Google Places page or a place on your website where they can access all of your different review profiles.
  • Automate the review request process by setting up an automated drip email that will go out to customers, thank them for their business and request a review.

The ultimate review automation system for Plumbing & HVAC contractors

We have spent years looking at the various review management systems available on the market and developed what we feel is the most comprehensive solution that automates the way you request reviews, showcase those reviews, and monitor your online reputation. Take a look at the video below for a complete overview:

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The Ultimate Guide To Google Places Optimization for Plumbebing & HVAC Contractors

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