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Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016 Takeaways

Want to learn some sneaky new ways to generate leads?

Want a massive return on your social media efforts?

Want a KILLER email marketing strategy?

Of course you do.

Luckily for you, we have the extra edge to get you there.

The Social Plunge team went to the Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion Summit this year! We spent 4 days locked in a room with the nations best and brightest digital marketers, and what an experience it was! We're excited to share all of the fascinating tips and tricks we learned over our intensive strategy sessions.

From social media advertising to email marketing, our team has a fresh new outlook on digital branding, and we're ready to share it with you guys! In this episode, we discuss the most essential elements of an effective marketing funnel.

What's the Make or Break Strategy Behind Every High-Performing Campaign?

It isn't advertising dollars, it isn't great reviews, it isn't even a great product.

The one thing that sets great marketing apart from the rest is value-driven content. 

As we discuss in this episode, you don't choose to buy a cup of coffee because you were told, "This is a good cup of coffee."

Chances are, there are more important determinants at play. This is why there's a Starbucks conveniently located at every corner, why they offer free wifi, comfortable couches, and soft lighting. They create the perfect space for their physical product.

So... How Does This Apply to My Service Business?

Easy. Make yourself the Starbucks of the internet. Figure out what your fans want, and give it to them, FOR FREE. Like moths to the light, they will come. More importantly, they will bring their friends. Better still, THEY WILL STAY.

The ultimate question you should be asking is, "How do I create a useful, interesting, and enticing digital space for my fans?"

Long story short, greatness is a state of mind. If you think about WHO YOU ARE as a business instead of WHAT YOU DO, you're bound to create better content. After all, content is king!

Thinking big on social is the driving force behind some of the most successful companies of our time. Don't believe us? Look up entrepreneur rock-star Gary Vaynerchuk's all-social ad agency, Vayner Media!

All this stuff may sound fluffy now, but wait until you hear us unpack this theme with SPECIFIC & actionable processes over the next few weeks.

Get ready.

See you next time on The Social Plunge Podcast!



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Understanding a Search Engine Visitors Intent

by Dean Iodice on February 3, 2016

Searchers Intent

Search engine marketing is a tricky process based on many ever-changing processes. It’s not as easy as deciding you are going to start marketing online, throw a website and expect success. There is quite a bit of thought that must go into it.

The first thing you have to consider is what your goals are. Is it branding, getting more service calls or promoting a product. For most plumbing and HVAC companies, I’m pretty sure it is getting more calls. With that said the first thing you want to do is create a list of all your services and the cities you service. Then do a little keyword research based those lists. In local search marketing, it’s important to be as targeted as possible.

Without going into all the details of how to develop content based on your keyword listings. Let’s jump into what this article about, searchers intent. It’s important to understand what the intent of you website visitors are. You can do this with Google Analytics. Your analytics will show you the keywords searchers are using to find your website. It does block some of those keywords and shows them as “Not Provided”. If a user is searching on Google while logged into their Gmail account Google does not show the keywords they use; it places them in the “Not Provided” category. Googles way of protecting their privacy, whatever that means. For those who are not logged into Google, you get to see the keywords they used to find your website. Believe it or not, there is quite a few of them.

Looking at this list of keywords you will see many in the form of questions or multiple keywords used together to what’s referred to as long tail keywords. This is where we get to understand visitor intent.

Apparently not all searches end in a phone call, as you start to analyze these queries you can begin to get an understanding of what the searcher is looking for. Let’s look at a few.

  1. Whirlpool model Model #: E50R6-45-110 water heater – This could be a couple of different scenarios. The searcher could be price checking this model or comparing it to another type of water heater. This model number based search could go either way. If you find you see a good amount of this kind of search it would be a good idea to develop some content for it. If you resell water heaters and don’t sell Whirlpool models you could write how the model you see is better.
  2. The advantage of tankless water heaters of tank water heaters – This is a good search because the searcher is in a comparison mode. More than likely they are going to be making a purchase in the very near future. This may result in a service call in the next couple of weeks. This is an opportunity to develop content based on this subject. There will be similar search intent all the time on this issue. Because it’s a high ticket search, it would be a good idea to develop maybe even an e-book on the subject and offer it as a free download. You can then capture names and email addresses and put together a follow-up sequence over time.
  3. Emergency Plumber in City – This one is pretty obvious, the user is in an emergency situation and needs someone right away. They are getting a phone number and calling. If emergency services are your thing, then develop content based on emergency situations.
  4. Who is the best plumber in city – This type of searcher is looking for the best most reliable company? They are not price shopping. To capture more searchers like this be sure to show off all your trust factors. Have your customer reviews and any awards or associations you are a part of front and center. Develop press releases and content based on the great service you have performed.
  5. Plumber reviews in city – This search is very similar to #4 maybe even the same search written differently. This customer is looking for a reliable plumber to take care of their problem.
  6. Water leaking by the baseboard – This searcher has a problem in their home and it trying to find out the cause of it. These are pretty common searches people are investigating a problem. You should develop a lot of content based on the symptom. Homeowners don’t know what is the cause of their problems. Yes, they can figure out things like the toilet is overflowing or the faucet drips. It’s rare that you will find searches for repiping your home. To attract these high value searches you have to develop content based on the symptoms. This is very valuable because if you can answer the searchers questions you can get the calls.
  7. How to change a kitchen faucet – This is considered the DIY search. Having content on your site based around DIY is good. It’s wrong to think you don’t want DIY information on your website. In fact, it’s good to have, making your site a source of great information goes a long way. The guy searching for a DIY thing today may be installing a whole house water filter next time and looking for you to do the job. They bookmark and remember your site because you helped them in the past.
  8. Advanced Plumbing Solutions Denver – Company name search is very common. Don’t think that people remember your phone number. Today most people don’t know their mothers telephone number. People keep everything in their cell phones. The may, however, remember your company name and search for it. Or maybe you advertise on TV or the radio, and they search based on your name. Or perhaps a friend gave them your name and they performed a quick search.

These are 8 example of pretty standard searches and their visitor intent. It’s important to keep an eye on this and develop solutions to capitalize on it. Visitor intent is an important part of an SEO campaign and understanding what your customers are searching for, and their intent can either make or break your internet marketing campaign.

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Long Tail Keyword SEO

The world of SEO is a fast moving ever-changing rocket ship that never seems to land on a stable solid ground. I know because I live in this world every day of my life is based on the powers to be located in Mountain View California. How fitting the name of the city Google is based in is called "Mountain View". Working in SEO our business is controlled by Google. That's both scary and cool, scary because you think they can make or break your business and cool because Google loves SEO companies. They love us because we do things right, Google wants to deliver the best search result for the query a person is using. Because SEO companies follow the guidelines, they can often do things the way Google wants them done.

What exactly does Google want?
That's the golden question, right? Understand that no one knows what the exact Google Algorithm is. A good SEO company knows what guidelines to follow and more importantly what to avoid to get a website penalized.

The title of this article should give you a hint on what Google does not want you to worry about. Keywords! Don't hang your hat on a single keyword, the success or failure of an SEO campaign should not be hung on a single keyword. In other words, if you find that your website is not ranking for City+Plumber don't think that this is a failure or your SEO company is not doing their job. The goal of a profitable SEO campaign is not that you show up on page 1 for "ego keywords". The goal is to keep your trucks on the road and then to add more trucks in the future.

Today consumers search differently than they did in years past. Today searchers are using what's called "long tail keywords." Multiple words strung together to form questions, phrases or terms. The reason this is important to Google is because they want to deliver the best information available in their search results. Long tail keywords g come from sites with great content and mobile search results.

You have to have a great content strategy to be even a factor in showing up in the search results, gone are the days of filling a website with keywords and getting a site ranked right away. Rightfully so, because these types of tactics were filling the search results with spam and creating a bad user experience for searchers.

The second and important cause of long tail keywords is mobile search. People search much different than they do on a desktop computer. On a mobile device, searchers are more inclined to type long tail keywords in search of what they need, and many are using voice search to find what they are looking for.

This is not all theory on my part this information is based on real analytical data from our customers results in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Yesterday ComScore came out with some interesting numbers. Google is down 1 BILLION PC searches from 2014. Let that sink in for a second, DOWN 1 BILLION SEARCHES. Where did they go? Mobile!

Long tail search is the greatest amount of search your website will receive. Simply take a look at your Google Analytics outside of the Not Provided that Google blocks a majority of the search is phrases, questions and terms, all long tail search. I like to call these searches the money keywords because they are specifically looking for an individual service or solution.

Playing the keyword game is a mistake and will only result in poor results and wasted time and money.

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Amazon Service From A Customers Perspective

by Dean Iodice on January 20, 2016


By now I’m sure you have heard about Amazon services, in fact, I wrote a blog post about it when it was first introduced to it. At that time from a contractor's perspective, I thought it was a great thing. Giving you the ability to acquire new customers from Amazons vast database.

I recently had the chance to try it out as a customer. I was looking to hire an electrician to install recessed lighting in my kitchen, so I searched for electricians in my area. I had to describe the project I wanted to do and submit the job. It took a day to get a reply in the form of a question. I then answered the question through their site and had to make more selections on Amazons site. Another day went by, and I received a reply with pricing. The problem was that I was never given the chance to tell them how many recessed lights I needed. So at that point I asked another question and a day later I received the reply of this pricing is for just one. One?!? Who installs just one recessed light in a kitchen? Why didn’t they ask me how many I wanted.

At this point, I was very frustrated and several days had gone by. I then replied, can you just come out and measure everything and suggest how many lights you thing would be best in my kitchen. A day later I received a reply that I had to go back on to the site and request a home consultation and pay the $16.00 fee. I then went in and set up the appointment and was asked to give them three different time options that worked for me. The options were 8 am-2 pm, 2 pm – 6 pm and 6 pm-8 pm. 6 pm to 8 pm did not work for me so I attempted to select just two time zones and it would not process because you had to choose three. I could have chosen the final option for the next day, but that didn’t work for me. So I thought to myself, ok no big deal I’ll select all three time zones there is no way they will want to come from 6pm-8pm.

The next day I received my confirmation via email that they would be at my house between 6 pm and 8 pm. I sent yet another email explaining that I could bot be there at that time and the only reason I chose it was because the system would not process unless I selected all their time slots. They replied saying they would come between 2 pm and 6pm.

I waited all day for the contractor to arrive and can you guess what happened next? They never showed up at that time. They showed up between 6pm and 8pm when I was not home. I send an email asking what happened explaining that we discussed the changing of the appointment. Apparently they forget and just followed what the system told them to do.

The next day I searched Google for an electrician and called on the telephone. I was able to do what took a week on Amazon in 10 minutes over the phone. From a customer's perspective, Amazon Home Services is a challenge. You just can’t buy home services as you can buy an iPad. There are too many different factors involved.

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