Social Media Marketing Podcast For Plumbing and HVAC Contractors

It is episode 8 of The Social Plunge Podcast and Steve Sparacino and Michelle Martin are giving you special insights on how to leverage various outlets online in order to gain more reliable employees for your Plumbing or HVAC business. In this day and age a simple advertisement on craigslist, in the news paper or even on your website is not enough. While these things are good to have, you absolutely need social media outreach. In fact 73% of companies have successfully hired a great employee by use of social media. Not only do social media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to locate a broader range of people it will also allow you to see people who are actually looking for a job in your field at your company. Plus, the personal attention between you and your candidates is unmatched.

Take for instance the social media rockstars at Morgan Miller Plumbing, who are reeling in more than $300,000 in sales every month. They have found out how to use Facebook to its fullest and have had several of their current employees leave other companies to come work for them. True, they are a highly sought after team, but their sound social media skills are far beyond what many Plumbing & HVAC businesses are implementing.

In this podcast Steven and Michelle will be talking about some very useful tools to bring in more qualified employees that would interlace with the type of company you represent. Listed below are some very popular social media add-ons that will bring plumbers and HVAC specialists to you:

  • Work4 Labs
  • Jobcast
  • Jobvite
  • LinkUp
  • SmartJobBoard

You will not want to miss these great opportunities to get the kind of employees you are looking for without the hassle of having to chase them down.

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Dead content

Don’t Delete Your Dead Content Just Update

Watch out Plumbing & HVAC companies, that bloodthirsty bear indigenous to south central China is about to prowl the Web again, as Google is said to release the 4.2 Panda algorithm update in the next few months! It’s been relatively 10 months since the last one and for those penalized for poor, spammy content this could actually be good news…that is if you got off your butts and fixed what was wrong. When Google puts you in timeout it takes a quite a while to get in their good graces again, but for some people that time is now. However, those of you that feel a tad uneasy the best advice is to listen to your gut (even if you are just being paranoid) and reevaluate the content on your website.

The question is why does someone create content that is not worth viewers’ time? To get a link or a fast ranking? This is actually still the tactic of some crooked SEO companies who are starting to lose client after client because the results simply don’t stick and end up costing businesses more than they could have initially imagined.

Revaluate your dead content

For the honest, hardworking webmasters out there it is time to start scouring your pages. Is there anything you missed? Have you been evaluating your content consistently? Is Google going to get you?

I’m sorry to say that the truth is you likely have some dead content, not on its way out but cold to the touch, so instead of mourning over its casket it is time for a revival!

What is dead content? Basically it is now irrelevant information that you have on your site, where once it was applicable now it no longer coincides with new technologies, facts, or tasks that have become easier to accomplish in some other way. If there is a more advanced way to do things and you don’t speak about it your content is dead.

Save time and make changes to your current content

Instead of creating brand new content and a different URL to house it, simple update the information that you already have. You don’t want to create a number of different pages, as it could slow down your website while Panda moseys around looking for mistakes taking focus off of the more important aspects of your site.

Also, once you have updated your content you are going to want to examine your keywords as well, search engine optimization is ever changing so if potential customers are searching for your products or services in different ways it is good to stay abreast of this and act accordingly. Additionally, new content is great but you do not want to go overboard because it can detract from the material on the site that is working and may only hurt you in the long run.

Once everything is optimized you may want to opt for a stronger or more pertinent call to action, something that really drives your visitors to convert into paying customers. And once you feel absolutely confident (I know some of you will never feel totally confident, but give it your best shot and disregard that fear) it is time to push out your optimized material. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to promote your new and improved content, and email blasts will surely get the message across. If the content is really valuable you may want to even put some of it up on your home page to truly make it stand out.

If you would like to learn how Plumbing & HVAC SEO can help with your content marketing campaign and more, click here to schedule a time to talk with us or call us directly at 866-610-4647.


Video Marketing

Take control of your video marketing

What do you think drives more Internet traffic, content, audio, or video? This is not even a fair question as movies have surpassed books, YouTube videos are where people find out how to do things, and even dating back to when you were a child it was a lot more engaging to be read to then have to read it yourself and in conjunction with illustrations it wasn’t even a contest. Visual components combined with audio equate to a video and as technology has grown our attention spans have shortened significantly. The preference of video stimulation makes for about 64% of the people online and this number is expected to rise to 80% by 2019.

Now I know we have touched on video marketing before, but while browsing through various digital mediums these statistics seemingly jumped off the screen and hit me in the head. After the stars I was seeing had dissipated I felt compelled to share them with you.

Even teachers have turned to video over text

Even more and more classrooms are now realizing that video is the answer to engagement and the information their students retain is far greater. The brain actually receives 90% of its information through visual stimulation and it is processed at about 60,000 times faster than with text. I truly don’t even know why I am writing this, because someone either already has or eventually will create a video about this that explains everything. In fact, and I hope this isn’t the case, in a few more years my job could be obsolete.

The video marketing statistics are staggering

It’s estimated that just a 1-minute video is supposedly worth 1.8 million words, so I guess you could condense your entire marketing campaign into one quick segment. Now, this is going overboard, statistic or not, but lets say someone saw one of your Plumbing or HVAC videos on YouTube, 80% of viewers are more likely to take some kind of action like visiting your website or giving your business a call. And 71% of these people will actually convert from visitors into sales. This goes for videos on your website as well, it adds strength, incentive, and a type of spice that other websites may be lacking.

So is this to say that you should cut out all written content? The answer is no. Number one, Google still values this format of informational marketing and old-fashioned viewers like me do too. Finding a nice balance between the two is really the best bet for your Plumbing or HVAC company, but just know that video marketing is increasing at an exceptionally fast rate so do your due diligence to make sure you have this covered. Don’t disregard other aspects of Internet marketing but make sure you give special attention to video.

To see what Plumbing & HVAC SEO can do for your video marketing campaign, click here to schedule a time to talk with us or call us directly at 866-610-4647.


Will Google’s 3-Pack Help or Hurt Your Business?

by Brett Miller on August 14, 2015

Local Listing 3-Pack

The Reality of Google’s Local 3-Pack

As you may or may not have noticed Google has decided to whittle down their local 7-pack to just 3 listings for businesses in any particular area. This certainly isn’t the first Google Maps algorithmic change and it is probably won’t be the last, but it does raise some questions, concerns, and excitement for both consumers and their service providers. The question that is on the minds of everyone is “Why did Google do this?” And Google’s answer is typically the same every time a change is made; they want to improve the overall user experience. Also, with the fairly recent mobile-friendly frenzy it is said to improve search in that medium as well.

However, some people speculate that it is just another way for Google to push more companies to use paid listings. The main concern is for business owners that did not make the cut, as they ponder the decrease in sales that is likely to come. The excitement comes, quite obviously, for those businesses that are fully visible in the 3-pack, right under that eye-catching map that shows exactly where they are located.

Being in the local 3-pack could improve your website traffic

Unlike the paid listings of the Home Services 3-pack that is now being tested for San Francisco this universal system does not include a phone number, but instead gives you an option to click on the Plumbing or HVAC website of your choice – even if your selection is slim. It also produces click-to-call buttons when searched in mobile. This minimalist approach to local business search can benefit your company greatly, that is if you are among the lucky 3, as a lot more traffic will be directed toward your website and hopefully generate a better conversion rate. Below the name of your business your review rating is displayed along with your hours of operation and sometimes the street that your company is located on. People can also click for directions, but then again why would they want to do that without viewing your site first?

Google Maps 3-pack.

For those of you that were in spots 4, 5, 6, and 7 my condolences, but instead of getting angry or hopeless there are some ways to bump out your competition. Think of this as a game of digital shuffleboard with your entire livelihood on the line and you will do everything in your power to be sure that your Plumbing or HVAC business remains in tact.

6 ways to better your chances of being part of the pack

  1. First and foremost make sure that you are following all of Google’s rules, you don’t want to discard some tiny regulation that you deemed insignificant because it will wind up costing your more than you think.
  1. Make sure your Google Maps listing is claimed and that all of your information is correct.
  1. This probably goes without saying but make sure that you have a physical address for your company and that your name, address, and phone number is consistent all across the Web.
  1. Although you do want a lot of citations you need to keep in mind that quantity does not substitute for quality.
  1. Reviews…reviews…reviews! To establish trust with prospects in your community and reinforce the reliability of your Plumbing or HVAC business you need to continue to acquire and display testimonials from your satisfied customers.
  1. New and engaging content whether visual or text-based followed by strong calls to action will surely be noticed by Google and help to improve your rankings.

I wish you the best of luck in your grueling climb back to the top of the Google 3-pack. And for those of you who have already made it congratulations, but don’t get too comfortable because without a lot of hard work you could find yourself taking the ultimate plunge…

For more information on the Google Maps local 3-pack you can watch this helpful video:

At Plumbing & HVAC SEO we can put your company on the map. Click here to schedule a time to talk with us or call us directly at 866-610-4647.



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