Buy a book, rent a movie, purchase the newest version of Madden for your XBOX and oh don’t forget to book the plumber. This is not as far fetched as it sounds. In fact it’s a reality with the introduction of Amazon’s new service called Amazon Services. Amazon wants it all and now they are adding home services to the mix.

So what is Amazon Services and how does it work? First lets understand what Amazon has to offer. They have the largest database of shoppers and credit cards online. Amazon is a monster and is expanding in many different markets which include their Prime service. Amazon Prime’s $99 per year price tag started by including free 2 day shipping on most purchases. Over time Amazon has built in their video streaming service as well as music and now cloud services. Making Prime an amazing value. Amazons goal is to pack as much value into it’s Prime service as possible which could possibly add it’s new Amazon Services to the mix as well. So what is Amazon Services and why? Well why not? Just take a look at what AngiesList has done for the contracting industry, their success must have Amazon licking it’s chops seeing nothing but dollar signs all the way. Amazon has such a major advantage over AngiesList in the long run with their massive database of customers who are programmed into using Amazons online review system to make purchasing decisions.

If there was anyone that had a chance of taking on AngiesList it would indeed be Amazon. Backed by major marketing dollars and an infrastructure to handle massive amounts customers Amazon surely will pack a punch.

The concept is pretty simple, need a plumber do a search on Amazon Services, read the reviews and make contact. Amazon comes in with no monthly fee to the contractor but they do take a whopping 20% of the service fee up to $1000 and 15% over $1000. Depending on the amount of business they send your way that high percentage could cost you quite a bit of money and indeed cut into your profit margins. But, you have to look at this from another point of view. Exposure to new customers. Avoid the one and done mentality and try to build long term relationships with your customers and then this becomes a no brainer. It always costs a little more to take on a new client but if you think in terms of lifetime customer value, Amazon Services could prove to be very lucrative in the long term. There is no contract so you can walk away at anytime if it’s not working out for you. It’s very important that you watch your email closely because when you receive an order you are contacted via email giving you 24 hours to contact the customer. Personally I think 24 hours is a long time before I hear from a service I ordered. The customer pays via Amazon, then Amazon submits payment to your bank account minus their fees.

So here is a losing scenario:
You only use Amazon Services for marketing your plumbing company. Month after month you pay the 15-20% customer acquisition fee. You have no follow-up plan in place to keep in touch with your clients, this might sound crazy to some, but it’s a true fact most businesses have no plan in place to stay in touch with their customers. This makes this business rely on bringing in new customers every month. This is costly and a bad long term use of Amazon Services

The better scenario is:
You list your business on Amazon services, have an online marketing plan in place which includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, and eMail Marketing. Every new customer you acquire from Amazon, you collect their contact information INCLUDING AN EMAIL ADDRESS. On a monthly or weekly basis you send a email message including valuable information like a free boiler inspection or ideas on how to weather proof their home for winter. You don’t have to limit it to just plumbing information. This is value added information a homeowner would find useful. The most important thing here is keeping your name in front of your customer, so when they do need you they don’t forget who you are or head back to Amazon to find you.

The next thing is the value that being listed on Amazon adds to your local SEO results. Getting listed on Google Maps is a very important factor and one of the ongoing things you must do to get your there and keep you there is finding high quality directories to be listed on. Amazon will be a very high authority directory to be listed on.

So how do you get started with Amazon Services? Right now they are in a beta program. They do have a listing for Monthly subscription fees which will be in addition to the 15-20% but that is waived until January 31 2015. There is a $50.00 background check fee also waived through January 31 2015 and keep in mind that each of your employees that perform services from Amazon Services also require a $40.00 background check. The 15-20% service fee includes invoicing, payment processing and fraud protection so Amazon does adsorb some costly fees like credit card fees and if someone decides not to pay their bill.

If you head over to you can apply to have your business listed or activate an invite if you received one. It’s also important to understand this service is only available in a few test markets including:

Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Area
Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Area
San Diego-Carlsbad Area
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward Area
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara Area

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Area

Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell Area
Macon Area

Wichita Area

Lexington-Fayette Area

New York
New York City Area

Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Area
San Antonio-New Braunfels Area

Seattle Area

Green Bay Area

In order to successfully market your Plumbing or HVAC company you have to do a lot of different things, SEO, PPC, Directory Marketing, Social Media Marketing, eMail Marketing these are just a few of things you should be doing to successfully grow your business.


Introducing Google My Business

by Josh Nelson on June 12, 2014

Google Places now Google My Business.001

Google recently switched to a new system for managing your Google Map Listings. It's called "Google My Business". For years the system that controlled your Google Map listing was Google Places, then it became Google+ Local. NOW it's Google My Business.

On this video we give you an overview of what Google My Business is and showcase some of the new features.

Google My Business Webinar

We are going to be conducting an indepth webinar covering the latest tips, strategies and techniques for getting ranked on the Google Map in your area.

  • What the new Google My Business Is
  • What this changes means for your business
  • New strategies for getting ranked in the Map Listings with “Google My Business”
  • How to take action on this change before your competition for the first mover advantage

Register for our upcoming Google My Business webinar at or call us at 866-610-4647.

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Where To Market Your Plumbing Services Online

by Dean Iodice on April 17, 2014

Want to know the best places to advertise your plumbing business on the Internet? This infographic will get you started.

The world of Internet Marketing is a very crowed space, so where are the best places to spend your marketing dollars? The first thing you have to know is where your clients are, who your clients are, and where are they spending time online. Let's focus on a residential plumbing service. The first thing to look at is Google organic and Google Places. For local business this is the very first place you want to show up. Next you can try and pick up some low hanging fruit running a PPC campaign using Google Adwords.

Social media is yet another good space to be in, but with so many different social media sites where should you start? Facebook is the logical choice because that’s where most B2C customers can be found.

Rather than going into the details and all the numbers I’d like to share this info graphic below with you.

Where to market your Pumbing Business Online


Shamrock Plumbing, a Plumbing Business in Orlando, Fl was able to generate 319 calls via the internet for their plumbing services business by getting their internet marketing right. In this case study we explain how they did it and you can do the same in your business. Check out the Case Study by clicking here.

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I had a conversation with someone a few months back that was convinced it was a good thing to use a different tracking number on every online directory. His thought process was this is a great way to see how much business you are getting from each directory. This is not the first person I have heard this from either, so let me go on record to say that this is a very bad idea. This is not what online directories are for, online directories are for creating a consistent NAP (company name, address and phone number) so Google can see consistency across the internet.

Call tracking numbers

Creating directories known as citations in the internet marketing space does a few different things. First it’s a form of link building and it helps get your business listed on the Google Map. This is one of many things to get your business listed on the map and keep you there. Putting tracking numbers on these directories is a recipe for disaster. It will create an inconsistent NAP and lose your Google map listing. Which will be a much worse hit on your business than knowing that one or two people found you on

Tracking numbers are a great thing to help you gauge what your marketing ROI is. We use tracking numbers on our clients websites but we do it in a way that does not hurt their NAP.

3 Correct Ways To Use Call Tracking Numbers The Right Way

1. Never use tracking numbers on online directories.

2. On your website tracking numbers should be using in a graphic on the header of the site or in a proxy that switches using a Javascript.

3. Always make sure your NAP is used on the contact us page and in the footer of the site.

Tracking numbers are great way to determine where your business is coming from, but they must be used the right way, if not they could cause more damage than good.

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The State Of Search Desktop vs Mobile

by Dean Iodice April 14, 2014

Are you capturing customers on as many platforms as possible? Four years ago that question meant, are you marketing your plumbing business using the Internet as well as other medias like print, TV and radio. Today that same question means, do you have a mobile version of your website? If you have overlooked the importance […]

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How Not To Use Facebook

by Dean Iodice April 9, 2014

I didn’t plan on writing this article when I walked into the office this morning. But when I logged into to our PlumberSEO Facebook page I had a long list of messages from people I don’t know, which is fine because I like interacting with people on Facebook. Two of these contacts were different, they […]

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Amazing Customer Service Requires Balance

by Dean Iodice April 8, 2014

I recently had a conversation with someone about customer service. His thought was that it just does not matter, people want the cheapest price and don’t care about customer service. I laughed out loud, that’s the craziest thing I ever heard. Today people demand the highest levels of customer service and payment has nothing to […]

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5 Reasons Why Company Culture Should Be A Priority For Your Business

by Dean Iodice April 4, 2014

Company culture is a term thrown around in so many businesses that think they understand what it means. Everybody wants a company culture but very few understand what it is or how to deliver it. I use to work for a dot com company back in the 90's who installed a Nintendo game system and […]

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3 Types Of Search Queries Which One Is Finding You

by Dean Iodice March 24, 2014

What someone types into a search engine is called a search query.  It’s very important to understand the type of traffic that is coming to your website with the understanding that quantity is not better than quality. When getting your website to rank in the search engine results it’s very important to rank for the […]

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How to track the ROI of your Internet Marketing for Plumbing & HVAC Businesses

by Josh Nelson March 20, 2014

On this episode of The Plumbing & HVAC Internet Marketing Podcast Josh Nelson, author of The Complete Guide To Internet Marketing for Plumbing Contractors talks about how to track the ROI (Return on Investment) of your various only marketing initiatives. Please post your feedback or follow up questions below in the comments section. We would […]

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